iPhones on Parade

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It‘s how it should be. An hour before going to bed and all the phones in the house are plugged in on our charging station. I‘ve also fitted a Hive Plug to the socket so they don’t stay on charge overnight and that improves the performance of the battery. It also significantly reduces any risk of fire due to over-heating.

It means we all get time to decompress and reconnect as a family - something that’s hugely important right now during this lockdown period.

So much has been written about the dangers of over-charging phones, the damage to normal sleep patterns from too much blue light late at night and the mental health issues related to excessive screen time.

A quick search on the internet and some simple family rules on tech usage and you too can prolong the battery life of your phone, reduce the risk of a house fire and stay better connected as a family; that‘s got to be worth £50.

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