Impact of Coronavirus on Screen time

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

It does now seems more likely than not that the UK government might close down schools and suspend all mass gatherings like sporting events and conferences. This is all in an attempt to control the spread of the virus.

It follows that many companies will ask employees to work from home assuming, of course, that they are actually able to do so. For those who are not able to the outlook is not very good as it is likely to mean a loss of earnings, spending and probably an increase in debt. Clearly the government needs to do something about that.

For children this could be a trigger for a mountain of screen time as they keep in contact with their friends from school, play games, watch online media and engage in mammoth online gaming sessions. I'm particularly thinking of my own son who excitedly said he'd be able to play Fortnite all day if they suspended school. Naturally, that was followed swiftly with a look from me that conveyed everything I needed it to in an instant... "you must be joking!"

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