iPhone Parenting

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I imagine we have all been there. Sitting in a restaurant, as a family, having just placed your ordered you glance around the room and see another family who whilst waiting for their food to arrive are all sat there on a smartphone or tablet, most likely with the kids wearing headphones.

Maybe 'that' family is already 'your' family.

But this habit is easier to change than you think. We've spoken to many customers about creating some family rules around the use of smart devices and here's what we've compiled: (feel free to add your own suggestions using our Contact page)

Be a Good Role Model. This is the best way to get your kids to improve their technology habits. They will be keeping close tabs on how you interact with your phone and trying to justify their own behavior by comparing it to yours. Be conscious of putting your phone away during family times. Fight the urge to scroll through endless social media updates whenever there is a free second.

Set up Tech-free Zones. Start with no smart devices at the dining table or druing meal times.

Engage in Conversation. Keep them occupied and engaged in conversation by having 3 questions to ask in your head before any meal.

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