Head on over to our YouTube Channel "Tech4Parents" where you can view all of our How To Videos. Just click the link button below.


They are mostly short and simple to follow. Most of our users find it easier to watch them all the way through and then watch again, pausing at each stage so they can replicate the steps on their children's devices.


The videos are a guide to help you set up and configure some of the most important settings on yours and your children's devices but you don't need to follow them exactly. Make your own choices to suit your children's ages, emotional maturity and your own comfort level.


As a rule, most internet content is appropriately tagged in terms of age-appropriateness and adult content, but this is not always the case.


Additionally, we strongly suggest that your children do not need the ability to:


  • Siri ®

  • AirDrop ®

  • CarPlay ®

  • Installing or Deleting Apps

  • In-App Purchases


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