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Autolock or Else...?

It's a simple enough thing - your child, let's call her Roxy, is hanging out in her bedroom with her friends and they are laughing at a YouTube video or admiring the Instagram account of someone who's just been to a music festival. Meanwhile, you're putting the microwave popcorn in a big bowl for them all to share and you call up to Roxy to come and get the bowl from the kitchen. So she leave's her friends watching the video and pops down to get it. What's happening now, upstairs, in Roxy's room? Hopefully nothing more than watching the video. But even friends like to play a prank every now and again. So what if one of Roxy friend's thinks it would be funny to a send text message, WhatsApp o

iOS Settings Menu Tree

If you've ever not been able to find a particular setting then this guide should be helpful. We've based it on an iPhone 8 running iOS 11. Please let us know if there are any errors so we can correct them - just click the Contact link. Scroll through the list below: #iOS #Settings #Menu