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Tech4Parents is an independent organisation helping schools and parents in the UK keep their children safe online and to have a healthy relationship with social media.


Check out our most popular Articles, read our FAQs and Book Online to get started.

Morality Statement: You will not find critical judgement or any moral high-ground here, just the most well-meaning advice or guidance from those of us who have worked in the industry for 25 years and learned from our own parenting mistakes. Not all of our advice or guidance will resonate with all our subscribers, all of the time - we know that. We hope you'll find it useful and informative, educational and enlightening but if not please share it with someone you know who might well benefit.

"Thanks for all your help. I can now sleep much more soundly knowing that when my son is online he is protected from harmful information I really don't want him to see."

A single father from London

"My twins are only 6 but they can already use my iPad. I really wanted to say thanks for helping me setup some strict family rules to limit the time they spend online and playing games."

A young mother from Newcastle

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Thank you.